At Home; A Family Film

I have been wanting to learn to shoot video using my DSLR for, well, years. Too many. It is a project that has been put on the back burner or set aside “for winter” over and over again. I finally bit the bullet and signed up for an online course to learn the basics to get me going. This is my first ever video project! It is not perfect but it is my home, my family, my pets and I love it. I just wish I could have packed more clips into this timeframe! I cannot wait to continue to practice and improve my skills and, eventually, to start filming clients’ families, too! I love photographing stills and will never give that up. But there is definitely another layer of special when you add movement and sound, action and music. I love all of the little details of our home that I walk by and barely notice from day to day. I love that I have Finn’s laugh in here. And his room! Like I said–I have lots of footage I didn’t even get to use in this video so maybe I will make a longer one or a Part Two. I just know I’m a little addicted now! I can’t wait to do this for other people, too! Don’t keep waiting to record things like this for your own family. You don’t have to have a fancy camera or special training to grab fun photos and little videos of the people and places you love–those memories will mean the world to you one day. xo

Please enjoy!

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