A Little About Me…


I have always been a dreamer.

I have a lot of crazy dreams. Many of them may never come true.

But a few of the big ones already have. And for that I am so incredibly grateful.

I get to be a Mom!

And a photographer!

And I live in Colorado!

(Those were all on my list. 😉 )

I have dreamt of becoming a photographer since I was about 7 years old. I used to imagine myself working for National Geographic magazine. Photographing exotic animals and traveling to far away lands. Maybe having a little Indiana Jones adventure along the way.


Life didn’t unfold exactly as I had imagined. I took a few detours and explored some other career choices but eventually my heart led me back to my camera and I have been documenting some of the most important moments and people in my clients’ lives for the past 9 years.

My style of photography is very natural. I do very little posing and a whole lot of hanging out. I spend time. I joke around; I play. And I wait. I wait for moments. I wait for connection. For little shifts in mood–a shy glance, a tiny yawn, a quick giggle. They are all moments. And they are all worth remembering.

Because life is busy. Sometimes messy.

But you want to remember it all.

Because it turns out the little things are the big things.



I still have lots of crazy dreams. I am going to have to make some major breakthroughs in time management if I want to accomplish them all!

Who knows? Maybe I will surprise myself!

  • I dream of writing a book. In a cozy cabin in the forest. Or in a wood-shingled cottage by the sea.
  • I dream of speaking Italian. While buying fresh vegetables from a sweet old Italian lady on the street outside my apartment. In Florence!
  • I dream of playing the piano. And the fiddle. And the banjo. And, what the hell, the harmonica too!
  • I dream of (fingers crossed!) hanging out with Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. Maybe Will Farrell will even stop by.

A girl can dream, right?



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