I have been working behind the scenes for the past couple of months on a new website. While scrolling through galleries from past portrait sessions I kept finding myself struck by little moments I’d captured between Dads and their babies. I created a folder on my desktop to keep these files, knowing I would want to do something with them soon. It just hit me last week that with Father’s Day around the corner I had the perfect occasion to throw together a post including many of my favorites.

This is my second Father’s Day without my own Dad here to celebrate. I must have told him a thousand times that I loved him. That I was grateful to him for his love, his support, his example. But I will always wish I had one more chance to thank him. I miss him every minute of every day.  Finding these little everyday moments between Dads and their babies captured in photos I took–it just makes me feel so grateful for what I do. I have a feeling these images will be priceless to these children when they grow up.

(Note: A few of these photos include Grampas and kids–I have a soft spot for Grampas!)


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