Happy Mother’s Day


It’s Mother’s Day. A day for us to pause and reflect on all our mothers have done and been for us. I have always felt incredibly lucky to have had such a warm and caring mother but I have to admit–until I had Finn I did not quite grasp what my mother had accomplished as a young mother to four kids. It makes her seem even more amazing and more like a saint in my mind! When I think back on my childhood more than anything I remember feeling loved. My Mother was my soft place, my support and always, always, she was LOVE. Somehow she stayed patient and calm and loving even with the work of raising four kids–something I am not at all certain I could do as well as she did. Mommy–I hope you know how much I love and appreciate all you have done for me and Finn. You are my best.

To all of the mothers and daughters I have had the pleasure of photographing–seeing the love you have for your own families through my lens has been an incredible honor. Here are some of my favorite images I have captured of Moms over the years. If I had more time I would have dug even further in my archives but please know I had all of you in mind when creating this. Cheers to Moms and the amazing work we do loving our babies!

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